Thursday, August 12, 2010

Take Two Beers and Jump

We've all had those rare moments when we are close to telling the boss to stick it, but we somehow manage to swallow our pride, dignity, or tongue and keep our slimy jobs. Steven Slater, former Jet Blue flight attendant, should capitalize on his recent sudden slide into fame by hosting a new TV show where he could celebrate dramatic exits from jobs. People would submit their dramatic exit for consideration for one of the the three spots on the show. Actor comedians from improv companies could re-enact the scenes, and the audience could vote by applause for each week's winning candidate. Winner gets the equivalent of unemployment compensation for 6 months.

Jimmy Fallon has already written the theme song: The Ballad of Steven Slater.

Sponsors who would jump at this venue include: beer, stress relievers, career enhancing education, self-employment gigs, relaxing furniture, airlines, travel services, and who knows what else.

I even have a title for this show: Burning Bridges. Because, as I've often said, "Some bridges are worth burning."